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Beauty Routine for a Younger Looking Skin & Reducing Varicose Veins!


Keeping the skin healthy is not just about looking beautiful but having a fair complexion, no blemishes and wrinkles, no sunspots and to look young and fresh.

When you are still young and it seems that you can boast smooth healthy skin but one must also be careful. It’s important to maintain a facial routine suitable for your kind of skin as not to prematurely age. A good routine is best sooner rather than later; the sun, stress and time is your worst enemy.But always use products and a method that is best suited to our age. It is clear that at a young age that you cannot start using anti-aging products, but there are ways to keep it healthy for many more years.

Wash Your Face at Night

The most important that you should never forget is to wash your face every night before bed. You must wash your face the right way. You cannot use the same soap you use to wash your hands; find one where its formulation is intended for use on the face so not to damage and dry your skin.It is best to find and use a specific product that will target specific problems that you have: a moisturizing soap for dry skin or a micro – peeling soap for your blemishes? There are many products available for you like soaps or a facial wash. Remember also to wash your face properly to remove any traces of makeup. You are exposed every day to lots of dirt particles that could sit in the face and naked eye but could cause you more problems.

Wash Your Face in the Morning

Wash your face every morning too. It’s normal to wake up with oilier skin in the morning so do not forget to remove excess oil by washing. Apply toner to close your pores and to even out your skin tone. Remember that deep seated dirt could result to pimples.

Moisturize Your Face

Moisturize your skin daily with a trusted moisturizer. Others think that young skin does not need moisturizer or cream but that is just wrong. Finish your routine by hydrating is one of the most important thing you can do. Your face needs water, dehydration is the cause of many skin problems; you are never too young to use moisturizing creams that nourishes the skin.

You must choose a cream according to our type of skin; if you have oily skin then it is best to opt for a more specific cream that address your oiliness. On the other hand, if you have dry skin then you must use a cream that will hydrate your skin.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliating once a week is recommended for your skin to shed of dead skin cells and give way to a younger and better skin.You are exposed daily to a lot of agents that could damage your skin like the sun, dirt and even stress from work or the home. Dirt gets into your pore that is why it is very important to exfoliate once a week.
BeautyThere are many products that you can find on drugstores and there are also simple recipes that you can do at home. A recipe used by many is honey with salt, it can easily be found on your kitchen, cheap and no chemicals. The honey also acts as a moisturizer. There are other easy recipes you can find in the internet.

Remember that you must complete this step using cold water and a non-alcohol toner to close the pores.

Sun Protection

Protect yourself from the sun. Besides proper hydration, you also have to think about solar radiation or Ultraviolet rays. Not only will it darken your skin but it can easily age it and sun spot can occur. Always choose a moisturizer with SPF 20 or higher.

Remember that having a healthy skin does not only make you look beautiful but could make you more confident.

Varicose Veins

Something else to consider is protecting yourself from varicose veins. The reality is that women that are middle aged can have varicose veins show up. So how do you avoid this? Well it’s quite simple. It’s a three step routine.

  1. Exercise – rigorous to get the heat really pumping
  2. Move More Naturally (such as light walks)
  3. Lift Weights – At least 30 minutes three times per week

As you can see it’s all exercise based. Why? Because it gets the blood pumping. Look the reality is quite simple. If you have varicose veins right now or are looking to prevent them then you need to get your blood flowing more. Did you know that DVT is related to varicose vein issues? Why? Because DVT is related to poor blood flow. Why do you get varicose vein issues? Because you have poor blood flow issues!

Does that make sense? Do you now get why you need to move, then move some more and move again? As humans we were not build to live inside all day. We were originally hunter gatherers. So get out  there and move. This will not only prevent varicose veins or clean up mild situation of varicose veins but it will also make you skin look so much healthier in general. And along with a clean diet this is a winning plan. If you want to read more about varicose veins we suggest you read this article about varicose vein creams  on Healthy Skin Lab if you are a sufferer.