Diseases Related to Unhealthy Teeth and Mouth


Unhealthy teeth and gums can have a negative impact on our respiratory and cardiovascular systems of our body. Many believes that the microorganisms found in the mouth, as a result of periodontal, a disease that damages the gums and can cause loss of teeth, can be aspirated before it reach the respiratory system and cause some kind of condition.

dental carePathogenic microorganisms present in this area may also enter the bloodstream and may cause inflammatory reactions in the arteries of the heart and the toxins released by these bacteria may also affect the endothelium, a tissue lining the arteries, which would be a very dangerous source of future cardiovascular disease.

When the enamel – the stronger outer layer of the teeth, has cavities and dissolves could mean the loss of that tooth.

However, there are multiple solutions to avoid reaching this state. Experts of Periodontology from University of Illinois, USA, conducted a study indicating that the infusion of black tea can inhibit or suppress the growth of bacteria that promotes tooth decay and its ability to bind to the tooth surface. The study has also shown that polyphenols-specific elements of black tea, can killed bacteria that cause cavities and could prevent proliferate. Similar research from Gothenburg University of Sweden, where participants made ​​tea rinses a minute with a frequency of 10 times a day, showed that the more they rinsed their mouth with this infusion the greater the amount of bacteria is eliminated.

According to the Board of Dentistry, people with osteoporosis, menopausal and are pregnant are “targets of oral diseases” because in the first case, tooth loss is favored by decreased bone mass that supports the tooth. For women who are prone to hormone changes when either pregnancy or on menopause stage promotes inflammation of the gums and the possible progression of periodontitis. The Dentists recommend brushing is most effective immediately after meals to prevent existing microbes in the mouth feed on food scraps and produce acid that attacks the teeth.

Experts said that out of the three recommended daily brushing, the one before bedtime is the most important and should be done longer at night because there is not as much saliva as during the day.

Saliva is a protective factor against acid. To maintain healthy teeth, prevention and education since childhood, including cavity prevention programs linked to fluoride application and ensuring good dental health.

The regular visit to the dentist like the clinic at Coomera Dentist at least once a year and a low-sugar diet with regular brushing habits can be decrease and diseases related to the mouth!

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