Is It Possible To Cure Panic Attacks?


panic attacks

Yes it is possible, in the vast majority of cases and with the help of treatment of a good and a professional doctor and in many cases a psychiatrist, it is possible for a person to finally overcome his panic attacks. But for this to happen it is important to see a doctor who can confirm the diagnosis and recommend appropriate therapy for each case.

Current treatments usually consist of psychological therapies that will help you understand that there are many people who suffer the same way as you, maybe caused by different life stressors but is suffering from panic attacks.It is a very common condition that many felt as if they are going crazy, a feeling as if they are going to cease breathing and just die. Psychologist or psychiatrist aims to achieve cognitive restructuring of change the thinking of the patient and give her other option when suddensurges of panic attacks are creeping.

Once you – the patient, feels more positive, optimistic and realistic about your problem, the therapist will help you identify your “trigger” that tends to generate your panic attacks. This may be a thought, a certain situation, a certain activity or something as subtle as a slight change in heartbeat. Once the patient identify what, if any, acts as a trigger or trigger for an attack, it will be easier to learn to control the symptoms when it comes.

The last phase of treatment usually focuses on helping you perform those activities that let you cause a panic attack.

This is to make you see that it is nothing to be afraid of. You then learn the symptoms of your anxiety or panic. Explain what you felt during these activities and does something to counter act your panic attack and how you can slowly control it.

The therapy will help you gradually regain your confidence, to control symptoms and not to fear any attacks again.

A successful therapy will help you carry out normal activities that you previously avoided. Treatments are usually very gradual where you will never be forced and just allow you patients to gradually regain confidence and lose acquired phobias.

Relaxation techniques can help you “navigate” through a panic attack as if the patient were navigating a boat by the waves. Both breathing techniques and visualization may help you lessen your fear during an attack to make them shorter and even to prevent future attacks.

Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants to people suffering from an excessive number of panic attacks due to a high level of anxiety.

Homeopathy can also be a good choice for those who prefer to avoid strong medications.

Finally, it may be helpful to share your experiences with others who have experienced an attack or, in some cases, have learned to live with their anxiety. Doing so will not only justify how strong willed you are but will hopefully help your friend.

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