Beat Insomnia with Relaxation Techniques



Not sleeping can be very frustrating, it makes you tired during the day while at work, have headaches and at bedtime may end up being even fearful. Moreover, lack of sleep can end up affecting your physiology. However, there are several things you can do to combat insomnia.

First, do not resort to sleeping pills. Although they may be effective in the short term but it does not treat the real cause of insomnia and in the long term could become ineffective and may cause side effects and addiction.

Here are some things you can do in cases of insomnia:

  • Relaxation Response
  • Change your thoughts
  • If you wake up too early
  • Plants and supplements
  • Bach Flowers

Relaxation Response

InsomniaThis technique can help you to eliminate the effects of stress. Practice every day for 10-20 minutes not just once but multiple times. Look for a quiet and silent place that you can be alone, sit or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Put on your alarm clock at no more than 20 minutes ahead so you can wake up when you fall asleep. Doing so can trick your mind into sleeping but not over slept at all that you can’t sleep at night. You should only do these exercise two hours before bedtime.

Then focus your attention on each part of your body and feel yourself get more relaxed and becomes heavier: feet, calves, thighs, abdomen, chest, back, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, jaw, cheeks, eyes and forehead. Then concentrate on how your whole body is relaxed.

Make sure that during this practiceexercise that you do deep abdominal breathing. Place your hand on your abdomen and notice how the hand goes up and down when you’re breathing. Conversely, if you make shallow breathing with your upper chest, you will breathe the wrong way and hyperventilate instead and symptoms similar to those of anxiety. Ideally, always use abdominal breathing throughout the day.

Once relaxed, keep your attention focused on your body and your feelings of relaxation. If any other thoughts, ideas and memories rises in your mind, stick to observing your body parts and let go, as something outside yourself, like a leaf fluttering see and pass by. Or you can focus your attention on your breathing.

Change your thoughts

When you go to bed and you cannot sleep, or when you wake up during the night and then cannot get back to sleeping, you might start to think bad things like:

  • “The same thing again, this is awful,”
  • “I cannot sleep and tomorrow’s work will be fatal, I cannot work well “,
  • “I do not know why I have to spend it, it’s not fair “,

All these thoughts will result anxiety and exacerbate insomnia. The same happens if you start worrying or turning on your mind to certain problems or outstanding issues. All the thinking makes you mentally active and that could stress you out and prevent you from sleeping.

To avoid this and control your mind, use the relaxation technique described in the previous section or practice meditation.Focus all your attention on your breathing and let any thoughts, memories or mental image that arises in your mind and turning all your attention back to the breath technique without judging, without interpretations or limiting yourself just to look and feel your breath as if there were nothing else in the world.

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Also note that not being able to sleep at night is often related to anxiety or stress.Therefore, managing the causes of your stress may help you eliminate insomnia.


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