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Professional Gamer Takes Break due to Health Issues

Poohmandu, a professional League of Legends player, has just recently announced that he has taken a break from professional gaming due to health problems. He has said that all of the traveling from country to country and countless of hours on the computer providing taken a toll on his body.

Below, we offer some advice to other high profile gamers out there on what they can do to make sure they take care of themselves. And ensure they can still perform at a high level.

1. Clean Up Your Diet – Let’s face it, the average gamer spends too much time sitting, and on top of that, is most likely eating fatty snacks and foods that are overall bad for our health. Instead, opt for the  ketogenic or a paleo diet. Doctors have been advocate supporters of both of these diets because they promote eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

2. Increase Water Intake – The average human body consists of 50%-70% of water. It is essential that you increase your water intake to at least 8 glasses per day. If you can do more, by all means try aiming for 12. Toss away those sodas, and pound down some water bottles.

3. Start Exercising – Start off slow. Don’t exhaust yourself by doing sprints on your first day back to the gym. Go for a nice walk outside, or get on a treadmill and do not increase the speed over 3.0MPH. You will be amazed at how much more energy you have after you add in exercising to your daily routine. From there you can up the speed as the weeks go by.

4. Sleep at least 8 Hours – This is especially important for people who travel a lot or who game a lot. Playing games till 4AM playing games and then waking up at 10AM the next day and get back on the computer is unhealthy. It is crucial that you get your rest and rejuvenate your body with 8 hours of sleep.

While we all wish Poohmandu a speedy recovery, make sure that you take care of your body so that you can not only live long, but live healthy.

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