Major Causes of Cancer



Many tumors and cancer could be avoided by a sensible lifestyle. Researchers have compiled six recommendations that will help to reduce the personal risk of cancer. Up to two-thirds of all cancers are preventable.

Anyone who pays attention to himself and his health and the rules can seriously do much to reduce risk of cancer.

CancerAt a recent report from the Cancer Research of UK confirms the principle that a number of avoidable cancers in the last ten years has increased dramatically.  Statistics marked the increase in the skin, mouth, and cervix and kidney cancer. The cause is accordingly is the unhealthy lifestyle characterized by hedonism or extravagant sun exposure, obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption that increase the risk multiple times.


Smoking has a great impact on the lungs. About 90 percent of affected men and nearly 80 percent of the women affected with cancer are cigarette users. The cancers – larynx, oral cavity, esophagus, the bladder, pancreas, kidney, stomach and cervix are 40 to 60% traced back to cigarette use.


Even if “a glass in honor” is occasionally allowed, everyone should be aware of regular alcohol consumption as it will eventually lead to cancers of the mouth, larynx, and esophagus, liver and intestine. This confirms the study from UK Researchers. Recent research also revealed that alcohol raises the risk of breast cancer by seven percent – with cancer is as high as 10 percent. The more it will be risky if you drink and smoke.


Obesity not only promotes cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also the formation of tumors. The colon and kidney cancer risk increases with increasing body size. In women, a relationship between obesity and the risk of developing cervical cancer are detected. Experts therefore recommend a body mass index or the weight in kilograms divided by height multiplied by height in meters and should result to a maximum of 25. Less than 25 is underweight and more than 25 are overweight or obese.

Lack of exercise

Physically active people suffer less from cancer. Even moderate fitness training reduces the risk. People who exercise regularly and also eat more fiber-rich foods are proven to be less likely to suffer from bowel cancer.


More and more young people are affected with skin cancer due to over exposure to the sun and of tanning. One in five people over 40 and every second person above 60 are already sick, claimed by UK researchers. Blame it on the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Adequate sun protection and the right clothes can prevent the worst. From visiting tanning studios causes skin cancer.


Besides HIV, virus can be transmitted during sex called papilloma virus or HPV which involved in the development of cervical cancer. 70 percent of all people are infected with HPV at least once during their lifetime. In about 20 percent of infected women the infection is not of itself dangerous but the virus spreading when not prevented as cell changes occur so gradually. Through an annual Pap smear, the doctor can recognize the early stages. Since 2006 there is also a new vaccine that protects against infection. It is recommended for young girls from the age of twelve that did not have sexual intercourse yet.